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Product: ADA Signs

Location: Colorado Springs

Client: Pinnacle Signs & Graphics


In the sign industry today, there are many options to aid in the success of your business. From organizational signage, and mobile marketing, to powerful advertising tools there is plenty to choose from. There are also signs that are integral to remain in compliance with local ordinances, and avoid heavy fines starting at $50,000. Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA was passed in 1990, and protects the rights of individuals with special needs in the public. At Pinnacle Signs & Graphics, we will partner with your company to produce ADA signage that is in accordance with code standards!

There are many standards that are required by the ADA regulations and some of those include signs mounted in all permanent rooms of your facility, as well as legible navigational signs and informational signs through out the building. All safety signs must be raised, and offer grade 2 braille for those with visual impairments. Stairwell signs must be placed by the doors within the stairwells, and should feature floor levels, level of exits, and the roof exit. Our experts will even find out if your municipality requires illumination for your ADA sign package!

Though there are many things that are required to be shown on ADA compatible signage, there is also information that is not necessary to have on these signs, such as company names, occupant names, address information, menus, seat and row identification, and parking spaces that are not for handicapped motorists. Another sign that is not required to stay within ADA regulations is event signs, sales signs, and promotional signage. Signage that is up for seven days or less qualifies as temporary signage, and is not required to be within ADA ordinances.

After our team finds the signs that are required for your facility to remain in ADA compliance, we will begin designing and installing your signs to the same standards that are required in this act. This includes distances between floor and overhead signs, as well as placement requirements for signs relative to the position of the facility’s doors. There are font regulations, and contrasting color choices for maximum visibility that are needed during customizing. And non-glare faces for all signs with the exception of parking signage.

Another thing to consider is braille for your signs. This feature is for the vision impaired, and subsists as small dots raised, and located 3/8 of an inch from signage text. Grade 2 braille is what is currently used, and features over 189 contractions over the grade 1 braille.

Regardless of how little or large your ADA sign package is, Pinnacle Signs & Graphics is invested in getting you completely in compliance with the proper ordinances. Our experts will provide in-depth consultations, and will design, fabricate, and install your package utilizing premium materials, equipment, designs, and the knowledge of fully trained professionals. We are located in Colorado Springs, CO, and we are prepared to get you started on your next ADA signage journey. Just come in to see us today!