Product: fabric signs with silicone edges

 Location: Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Fountain, Monument, Falcon

 Client: Pinnacle Signs & Graphics, LLC


With so many options available to you, it is easy to become overwhelmed with finding the correct marketing tool for your business’s specific goals. That is where a company like ours comes in! Pinnacle Signs & Graphics is a company that is dedicated to the development of creative design concepts for products that completely meet the needs and brands of our clients. We often find that specific signs bring the best results, and one of our most productive is the silicone edge graphic package!


Silicone edged graphics are a cut above the normal vinyl graphics that you see, as they offer more image and less frame. This is an important detail with the high resolution images that are displayed on our fabric signs. With such a high impact visual tool, you want to have as much of your graphics visible as possible! Our design team is on hand to provide your business with brand conducive graphics that will be sure to draw attention and leave a lasting image of your message. This added exposure is sure to bring the results your company is looking for!


Another great feature to these signs is the convenience they provide any business. Fabric signs are a much more affordable option that the standard vinyl graphics. They offer the same vibrant display with a more durable medium, and they are lightweight. This makes it easy for transporting to events, and simple to store. While Pinnacle Signs & Graphics services the areas of Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Fountain, Falcon, and Monument, we also can provide these particular signs to other areas with their ease of shipping. So do not let location deter you from investing in one of the most effective signs on the market!


There is more to the sign industry than the products that are made. It is the fulfillment of a marketing plan for our clients. We want to encompass the service standards that will propel your business to those advertising aspirations. Our team offers in-depth consultations, sign permitting, maintenance, repair, and even graphic/logo design services. With our high quality materials and equipment, the final sign and graphic packages that are brought to you contain the custom details to gain attention, inform, and leave a lasting mark. Come in to see us today, and we will share how silicone edge graphics can make a difference for your company!


Would you like to hear about other signs and graphics that are offered in Colorado Springs, CO? Have you considered investing in silicone edge graphics for your own business? Contact us today at (719) 237-7622, and we will put you down the path to marketing success!