The Veterans Motorcycle Club is in the old DAV building and needed a new sign. Pinnacle Signs and Graphics recently replaced the old sign where the polycarbonate substrate had cracks and a hole in it with a new printed vinyl graphic sign on new substrate. This seemed to be a pretty straightforward project that brought us a little surprise. We learned about what is called polycarbonate outgassing. This sign is predominantly black and really captured heat from the March sun in Colorado Springs. Our client called us when they installed the sign and reported it had lots of bubbles under the vinyl print. You can see in the pictures the many bubbles that developed under the sign. Even though the bubbles could not be seen from the ground, it was not acceptable to us and we told the client we would fix it. We removed the sign about 2 weeks after the initial installation (to allow the substrate to outgas), took it back to our shop, removed the old sign and let the substrate sit in the sun for 6 more hours before we put the new sign back on. We used Avery MPI 2920 Clear Permanent for the second sign and after another hot April sunny day, the sign showed no signs of outgassing. We will avoid this in the future by removing the protective sheeting, applying a test plot of vinyl about 6″x6″ and letting the new substrate sit out for a couple days. If no bubbles appear, the substrate is ready. If it bubbles up, we leave it until the test vinyl no longer bubbles which can take several days.

The new sign looks great and our clients tell us it really looks awesome when lit up at night. At Pinnacle Signs we stand behind our work so give us a call at 719-597-0601 when you have sign needs, large or small, we can make it happen.
20160412_111750 Not how we wanted our sign to be.

20160412_111755 Our new sign is still firmly adhered to the substrate with no bubbles like this one had.