LED Retrofit for Illuminated Sign
This sign had a one side of the ballast go bad and was lighting on only one side. We replaced the 6 60w fluorescent lamps with 28w LED T12 HO direct replacements. These bulbs connect directly into the line voltage, 100-277v. Installation is simple a matter of bypassing the ballast and wiring the lamp sockets directly to the line wires. Since the LEDs are focused toward the front whereas the fluorescent lamps have a 360 degree glow, we had to place a vinyl strip over part of the face directly in front of the LEDs to eliminate the hot spots. This provided an evenly lit sign face the uses 53% less electricity. These particular LED lamps have a 50,000 hour life span, 3 year warranty, and don’t require a ballast. Lumen output is 98.21 lumens per watt for a total of 2750 lumens per bulb. These LED fluorescent tube replacements can be used as upgrades or replacements to explosion proof fluorescent lights, explosion proof paint spray booth lights as well as any other T series light fixture the operator already has in house. They can be used as replacements in standard fluorescent light fixtures. Replace worn or spent fluorescent bulbs with these LED bulbs by removing the ballasts and bringing the white wire to one end and the black wire to the other end of the LED tube. Call us at 719-597-0601 if you would like us to look at your sign and provide options for retrofitting to LED lamps and reducing your electricity and maintenance costs.

In addition, we removed the aluminum letters on the sign base and installed a MaxMetal with vinyl printed graphics sign in their place at less than half the cost of buying 7 new aluminum cut letters, filling holes, and repainting the base, The aluminum letters are attached with studs and silicone so removing them left holes in the base metal as well as dark shading where the letters kept the paint from fading. We used our i1 Profiler to color match the faded paint and took a picture of the sign to capture the stucco texture. Overlaying a color layer over the stucco texture photo allowed us to recreate the color and texture of the original surface onto a vinyl print then just printed silver letters with a black stroke to complete the shadow effect. Call us at 719-597-0601 if you have any signage needs.