There is one sign option that has always set itself apart from others in the industry with its ability to fit any business in any industry. Vehicle window graphics appeal to the public with fresh design concepts and bright colorings, while delivering information directly. With so many people on the roads at any given moment, why not take advantage of the advertising opportunity? While gaining first impressions is a result of vehicle graphic for any business, there is one industry that takes it a step further. Service industries do more than reaching the consumers on the road, they reach a new audience while stationary, as well!


As you can see in the image to the left and above, the impact of a vehicle window graphic is immense. It has the power to grab attention, and deliver an informative message all in one go. They are becoming more and more popular as a marketing tool, because they work! Utilizing specific color combinations, fonts, and designs, can target particular audiences with messages from your business. Our design team is on hand to help find the right customizing options for your business, industry, budget, and brand!


The window graphics that we produce utilize Clear Focus ClassicVue 50/50 perforated window film with UV blocking laminate. This ensures comfort, as well as effective marketing. The laminate protects the graphics from scratches, and from the UV rays fading the print. The film is 3M 8518 2 mil with 5 year Premium Overlaminate. Pressure sensitive adhesive is used, and can be conformed to multiple types of surfaces. This is a product meant to last!


Service industries are one of the most widely known to utilize these products. When they are providing services, they are marketing to the area. When a consumer recognizes your brand, that is a set up for future business. When weighed with the choice of a company you have seen and one you haven’t, the choice isn’t very hard, is it? Make the most of your company truck, van, or car, and broadcast your company while on the job. This product is sure to bring you the results you want, while conducting the business you normally do.


If you are considering vehicle window graphics for your service industry fleet, then look no further than the high quality products that we supply. With an eye for detail and premium components used in the fabrication process, you are guaranteed to find a mobile marketing tool that will be effective, affordable, and long-lasting. We will provide an extensive evaluation to combine the essential brand, image, and industry details with the time and budget constraints you may have. The final result will be a productive marketing tool, perfect for reaching the community while you are out on a job!


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Written by: Pinnacle Signs & Graphics – Colorado Springs, Colorado