The marketing campaigns for businesses are not limited to the exterior of an establishment. While these marketing tools do attract consumers in the community, an indoor graphics solution can have just as much appeal. These products are custom made to fit your business, location, and goal. Ask our team, and we will provide examples of the one-of-a-kind solutions that will leave a lasting impression with your customers!


In the image above, there is an example of a custom graphic solution for an interior wall. This sitting area sets a mood for peace, and beauty. When a customer is in your waiting room, you want them at ease. This will increase patience, as well as contentment. Graphics similar to this one can be used for more than just waiting rooms, too! Suites, offices, conference rooms, reception areas, and even restrooms can all benefit from the advantages these graphics offer!


Once a prospective or current customer comes through your doors, the goal is to leave them with a memorable mark that gets them back to your establishment the next time they have need of your services. The first thing to do for these results is reinforce the brand of your company through visual representation. This is done by utilizing your logo into different marketing forms, and putting it in the direct line of the public. A wall mural or graphic with your business brand and logo can be featured on a main visual point, so that this is the first and last thing that is seen when customers enter and exit your facility. Use these same graphics to grace walls in individual rooms, and see the results that are brought in!


Brand reiteration is not the only use for these marketing tools. Use industry relevant images to boost sale points for merchandise. If you have a store selling specific products, use these high resolution graphics to display the ideal purpose, place, and consumer for the items. Give the buyers a vision to keep in their minds eye that upsells your inventory, and see the purchases add up!


Choose from a variety of customizing options that range beyond standard images. Choose from creative layouts, custom color combinations, and stylized fonts to make your point to the community. We use Phototex as the substrate for our graphics, and this gives a wider range of convenience for your investments. Use graphics that feature current events, sales, and promotions. When the graphic is no longer needed, they are easy to remove and store. Keep in a cool, dark place for the next time they are needed. They can be relocated with ease, and leave no lasting damage to the wall lying underneath. This efficient product is ideal for businesses that offer seasonal promotions. Just ask our experts for more info!


Are you curious about our marketing uses for custom wall murals and graphics? Would you like to work with our design team to create a custom logo for your business or graphics? Contact us today, and we will schedule you for a free consultation to answer these questions and more!


Written by: Pinnacle Signs & Graphics – Colorado Springs, Colorado