Pinnacle Signs and Graphics recently replaced a dimensional letter sign for Lincoln Properties of Denver, CO. The original letters were acrylic laminated on gatorfoam and the foam had deteriorated over time. In addition, the lights and junction boxes needed replacing after several years of weathering and getting banged around by lawnmowers. Acrylic letters come in various sizes from 1/8″ to 1″ thick and up to 72″ tall. We used Gemini letters for their 4 day turnaround time and lifetime guarantee of their letters. Gemini has up to 46 standard colors in virtually any font or style, whether standard or custom. These letters can be either mounted flat, with studs as these were to offset them from the concrete frame, or a combination of studs and pads. The studs are what actually holds the weight of the letter when drilled into a surface. If flat mounted, the letters have double-sided tape to hold them in place until the silicone applied to the back of letter sets. Using a combination of studs and pads allows you to adjust the depth of the letters to your surface and to get your desired look.

Dimensional letters also come in various metals that can last for decades. Even when the finishes wear out, many times the letters can be refurbished to look like new. Below are two examples of recent projects we did that refurbished existing metal dimensional letters.

Cut Aluminum Dimensional LettersAnother type of dimensional letter is the cut or cast metal letters. These can be polished, brushed, anodized, or other type finish and can be up to 46″ tall and 1″ thick depending on whether brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, or steel letters. Here is recent project we did for the Lake Pointe Building where we changed out the lettering and refinished the Lake Pointe letters to remove minor oxidation and brighten them up to match the new letters for “Building.”

Brass Dimensional Letters
These brass letters were tarnished after many years of weather exposure and the protective lacquer had peeled off. Pinnacle Signs saved our client over $500 by simply refinishing these letters by removing the old lacquer, buffing the letters, and refinishing with Brass Lacquer from Everbrite.