One of our more challenging custom vehicle wraps was this Mercedes Sprinter van. This van has deep channels where the windows normally go and really challenge the ability to get the vinyl to stay in the inner grooves. In Europe especially and some shops in the US, installers just use knifeless tape and cut the vinyl at the outer edge to release the tension. It was a real challenge as we had to redo this wrap to get it right. Certainly cut our profit out, but our primary focus is customer satisfaction and doing the job right. It also allowed us to adjust the graphics we were sent for the wrap and end up with a better look with the tooth farther down the side and letters better aligned between the vehicle lines. Really turned out like we wanted it the second time. That is primary reason we always measure before finalize the artwork. We weren’t the designers in this case and it proved the point that 2D templates don’t translate well on 3D objects. The silver lining is that we could fix the art since we had to reprint anyway. You have to love the ability of 3M IJ180CV3 vinyl and cast laminates to stretch and cover such deep contours and still keep their color and stay put.

Virtually Connected Dentistry van comes complete with an X-ray machine and computerized dental office setup to provide dental care to people who cannot get out to the dentist or can set up at community organized events to help people who can’t normally visit a dentist. This non-profit agency really does good work. For more information call 1-877-345-XRAY.

Before redoing the art:: Mercedes Van Wrap2

Before redoing the art:: Mercedes Van Wrap1

After redoing the art: Custom Van Wrap Note the lower tooth and better arrangement of letters.

Custom Vehicle Wrap