Pinnacles Signs made a magnetic sign to attach to the kick plate on Dan’s Schooner Eco Home door (along with a few magnetic business cards in the margins.) We direct print to the magnetic vinyl and usually laminate them to protect from scratches and UV light. Magnetic business cards, refrigerator flyers, even vehicle graphics can be made with this vinyl.

These little homes can make a great temporary office or onsite quarters disaster relief, remote construction or ranch sites, or even a hunting camp. Units available from 12 ft. to 18 ft. base with a 2 ft. cantilever on each end. 12 ft. units towable with a class 2b vehicle (F-150/Ram 1500) (recommended).
The MRO features:
• Turn-key off grid design
• Solar PV charged batteries
• 120/240 VAC outlets/switches/lights (just like home)
• 120 VAC Shorepower/Generator compatible
• Standard 136 gallons of fresh water storage
• 30 gallon Grey Water tank
• Composting Toilet

Get more information in the this brochure:

Schooner Homes MRO

Schooner Homes w_Truck

Voltaire Engineering is owned by Dan Rosenbaum and we have used him for some of our electrical sign repairs and installations. A great company to work with and they can help you by providing energy consulting and help with your solar or electrical needs.

Pinnacle Signs will make your own magnetic sign for this or any other application, just call 719-597-0601 or visit our website to request a quote.