Pinnacle Signs recently completed a couple of post and panel signs. Post and panel signs are pretty standard in the industry whether for real estate signs, monument signs, or directory signs. They are exactly as described, a panel attached to posts to display either an advertisement, directory information, or identify a business, church, or other building. These two post and panel signs were made using 6mm Alupanel which is aluminum laminated over corrugated polymer in the middle. This substrate is impervious to water and won’t degrade like even treated plywood will over time. We used 3M 40C vinyl and either gloss or matte laminate depending on client desires and lighting on the sign surface. Matte laminate helps reduce glare that can be a problem indoors or where signs are in direct sunlight and facing a street. Gloss laminate provides a polished shiny finish and looks best when in shade or indirect sun. The alupanel substrate comes in 4’x8′, 4’x10′, and 5’x10′ sizes.

We had to use two 4’x10′ panels to make the Grandview Church sign. We attached the lower panel first and then overlapped an inch of the vinyl over the attaching screws and covered the entire seam so it looks like one large panel. Greg Wilkins is the pastor and we were glad to be a part of the remodeling and renovation efforts he is doing at this church. We worked with Greg over a period of time to research options and estimates allowing him to select an option that best fit their budget. You can view Grandview’s information at this website: Grandview Church Monument Sign

Academy Insulation and Gutter is our neighbor on Waynoka RD and we really appreciated Randy asking us to replace his two 4’x8′ signs. They were showing their age with curling vinyl and the MDO plywood had curved and the surface had long lost its white paint over much of the sign area. We received Randy’s artwork, did a little clean up of the graphics to vectorize everything so the graphics would not be pixelated when printed on the large surface. The new signs look great and should last at least 5-7 years for the vinyl and the substrate will be able to be reused if the sign is changed. Academy is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and you can reach them at (719) 591-6363.

Post and Panel Sign

Academy Wall Sign