Pinnacle Signs recently updated three trucks for Triton Roofing and Solar as well as vehicle graphics for their car. We used 3M 40C vinyl with gloss laminate for these graphics as the 40C works great for flat or simple curves and is a very economical choice when you aren’t dealing with complex curves or indentations. The HP360 latex ink printer is great at producing vibrant colors that really make the graphics stand out. If you would like to turn your vehicles or trailers into mobile advertising platforms for generating name recognition and sales leads, contact Pinnacle Signs at 719-597-0601 or request a quote using our contact form on this website.

Triton Roofing was created by Justin Baker and Todd Dorpinghaus. Friends for many years and business associates in the home inspection and maintenance fields they saw a disturbing trend in the roofing industry. Both having worked in the roofing business they noticed distinctive patterns in poor customer service and product support. Their high standards and attention to detail come from the years of military service in both the Canadian Forces – Navy and the United States Navy. Their mission is to provide the highest quality products and workmanship to homeowners and clients and to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with a no hassle experience. Triton Roofing, with its highly-qualified staff of employees, is equipped to fulfill the requirements of virtually any residential or commercial roofing job. The company is privately held and family owned.

Triton Solar Colorado Springs Solar Experts
With over 300 days of sun per year, Colorado is a great place to take advantage of the renewable energy source that solar panels offer. Triton Solar in Colorado Springs is a perfect choice for your solar needs. To do the job right, you need a contractor that knows both solar and roofing. We’re double certified for your protection, and their experienced team of certified professionals is committed to performing a high quality solar installation with exceptional service and communication every step of the way. You can save thousands per year on your energy bill! And solar is a clean and efficient energy source that helps to substantially reduce your carbon footprint. By owning your own solar system, you’re not just saving on your energy costs, you’re also insulating again potential increases in those costs!

You can reach Triton Roofing and Solar at 719-322-3673 or visit their websites or send them an email to
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