We did a little decorating here at our business to showcase wall murals and how you can transform a plain wall into a beautiful eye-catching area. We used Phototex Opaque wall film and printed a high-resolution photograph on 3 panels to cover the entire wall. The level of detail is phenomenal and the HP360 Latex printer really makes the colors jump out. This Phototex film is removable and relocatable. It has a low-tack adhesive that allows you to remove the film and put it on a different wall. As long as the adhesive stays clean, you can continue to move the graphics over and over. Phototex has a linen type finish to it the eliminates glare and reflections. Come by and visit if you would like to see it for yourself and if you have pictures of your family or landscapes or animals you would like to use to decorate your walls, we can help you make that happen. There are literally scores of options when it comes to wall finishes from simple graphics on vinyl to custom graphics on a myriad of different wall paper products. Add something unique to your home decor that will truly set your home apart. Call us at 719-597-0601 or visit our website www.pinnaclesigns.org.