Custom window graphics come in a multitude of different vinyls and installation methods to meet any need. From simple cut vinyl graphics like these for Senior Mobile Dental here in Colorado Springs to large format printed window film used to cover all the windows in a multistory building, stadium, or airport. Senior Mobile Dental called Pinnacle Signs to dress up the windows on their office to help clients find them. Using their logo and Michelle’s rough outline, we designed the artwork for 3 windows and the door. White cut vinyl really stands out against the window, especially when the lights are off inside, and doesn’t require lamination to protect it like a printed graphic would.door-and-window-graphics
Brandi owns the Blush Salon in Old Colorado City and had us put a little color on her walls with a custom wall mural and we also put her logo on the door glass in her shop. Nothing real expensive or elaborate, but fitting the historical nature of the building and the area. It doesn’t take a lot to dress up a small shop or workspace. We used Avery matte vinyl with matte laminate to protect the ink from window cleaners and keep the print from getting reflections that would take away from the look of the sign.
Custom Window Graphics

Senior Mobile Dental is a non-profit organization focused on bringing dental hygiene services to the elderly population. They are dedicated to promoting the importance of oral health in preventing many of the diseases that result from years and years of poor oral hygiene and the lack of support and care the elderly face. Senior Mobile Dental actively works with assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, along with any public location such as local Senior Centers, to provide professional mobile dental hygiene services to the elderly. Senior Mobile Dental mission is to provide a Dental Home for all low income, uninsured and under-insured adults needing assistance to obtain low cost or free dental services. They believe oral health is important to overall health care for sound body, mind & spirit. If you would like to learn more or support Senior Mobile Dental’s efforts, visit their website

So whether it’s a leveraging your window space for advertising or decorating, Pinnacle Signs and Graphics can help you achieve the look you want. Fortunately, in Colorado Springs, you can use up to 25% of your window square footage for advertising without having to get a permit from the city under the current code. In addition, you can use the remaining space or even all the space for murals or decorations provided they are not advertising your business. So call us at Cell 719-237-7622 or Office 719-597-0601 and let us help dress up your windows.