Here is a great before and after of an illuminated changeable letter board sign Pinnacle Signs just installed for Friendship Baptist Church in Colorado Springs. Paster Kevin Anderson and Raymond Jones are great clients to work with. Voltaire Solar & Electric helped with ensuring the electrical was up to code and will put in the photocell switch so the LEDs are not on during the day. This 40×60 LED illuminated changeable letter board really updated the church’s information sign, will save significant energy costs, and last for many years. These letter board displays only come with one set of letters, so be sure to order extra sets if you don’t have letters already on hand. Call us if we can help update your information signs.

XL Illuminate Your Message Board For More Attention: The “SwingCase” LED lighted, wall-mounted radius edge outdoor enclosed letter board has a UL approved interior LED lights positioned to spotlight onto your message or directory for better clarity day or night.
LED LIGHTS BRIGHTER & LONGER LASTING: Go GREEN with our energy saving LED Lights. Interior LED Lights are positioned on the interior to SPOTLIGHT your announcements or directories. LED lights are long lasting, and energy efficient. Choose from Top Lit, 2 Longer Sides or the Entire Interior Perimeter for LED Lighting placement.
CREATE A MESSAGE HEADER THAT GETS NOTICED: The 5″ message header panel above the LED lit radius edge single door can present your company name, church, school, restaurant, HOA, organization, team, product name, event, or any other message.

original-signnew-led-illuminated-changeable-letter-sign extra-large-outdoor-led-lighted-enclosed-letter-boards-with-header-single-door

Additional Information:
Smoother, Safer Front Radius Edge Cabinets Unlike typical sharp pointed display case edges, Radius Edges are an ideal and safer display solution for many applications, especially where there’s lots of activity and or children such as school playgrounds, sports areas and outdoor public walkways, etc.

Secure & Durable Weather Resistant LED Letter Board Radius Displays
The radius edge aluminum constructed LED cabinet is built to withstand typical everyday outside elements. It features a full length piano hinge on the door with a front cam lock. It also has a break-resistant clear acrylic window. —Keeping any tampering at bay.

Bottom Cabinet WEEP HOLES help drain and expel any water. Vents help reduce any condensation. An aluminum backing is installed with moisture-blocking silicone sealant –making the Extra Large Outdoor LED lighted Enclosed Letter Board with Radius Edge an ideal wall mount changeable letters message board for exterior public areas and workspaces.

Grooved Vinyl Letter Board Panel with Changeable Plastic Letters
The grooved letterboard display board is protected with a vinyl cover and made for outside use. With standard 1/4” grooved spacing, it can take on a variety of letter sizes and numbers including; 1/2”. 3/4”, 1”, 2” and 3” high letters. We include free, a white plastic letters set (290 characters).

4 Radius Edge Case Finishes + 6 Vinyl Covered Letterboard Colors
Choose from four LED lighted exterior radius letter board display cases finishes: Black, Bronze, Satin Gold, & Satin Silver. Additionally, we offer optional vinyl covered letter boards in 6 colors: Burgundy, Black, Hunter Green, Barcelona Blue, Grey and White (order Black Letters).