Custom vehicle graphics are one the most cost-effective advertising methods on the market. Pinnacle Signs used 3M IJ180 vinyl and 3M gloss laminate for KOAA’s satellite van and Life Storage’s cargo truck. 3M vinyls and laminates are warranted for 2 years on horizontal surfaces and up to 6 years on vertical surfaces. Long lasting vehicle graphics are an excellent advertising medium that gets you noticed driving to and from job sites and wherever your vehicle is parked. Vehicle wraps and graphics are less expensive when compared to TV or radio advertising on a cost per exposure basis. Our company can produce graphics for large commercial vehicles, food vendor trucks, delivery trucks and vans, even buses and semi-trucks and trailers. We can use your design or do the design work for you to create that custom one-of-a-kind look to market your business and brand. There are many options available in different vinyls and laminates to make your design stand out. Perforate window vinyl allows your design to cover the windows and still allow visibility outside. Metallic or carbon fiber look is available in 3M laminates to give a unique look to your printed design. We also can provide advice on caring for your graphics as well as provide Avery Supreme Wrap Care products for cleaning and protecting your graphics from the elements. Remember, the best thing you can do to extend the life of your graphics is frequent cleaning with soap and water to remove road film and dirt. Hand washing is best, but careful use of car washes is also an option. Just keep the high pressure wands at least a foot away from and perpendicular to the graphics. Call Pinnacle Signs at 719-597-0601 for all your vehicle graphics needs or questions.

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