Just finished installing our latest Foamcraft monument sign. We worked with Gina at JDS Hydro to get this made and shipped in less than 2 weeks. Gina is super to work with. Unfortunately, holidays delayed the permit process and then storms/wind delayed the installs until 12 Jan. It really is a great looking sign that you would never know is a prefab sign made with styrofoam surrounded by a strong polymer liner, then covered with stucco. Foamcraft can make almost any design in addition to their standard catalog with about 100 stock designs that can be modified to fit a client’s desired look. Thanks to Ryan and the Good Old Boys crew for this install, tough digging in dry hard packed ground even with power auger. We left the sign on patio stones to give it a little elevation above the grass or mulch depending on what the landscaping will be.

These Foamcraft monument signs can be one of their scores of standard models or modified to fit our clients vision. They can include illuminated cabinets or channel letters, dimensional letters, electronic message centers, or just about any other imaginable signage. One of the real benefits of these signs is the ability to quickly install them. They are easily installed using the custom mounting poles or you can locally purchase poles to install. Smaller signs are light enough for two people to lift so you don’t need expensive lift equipment. Faux brick or stone can be incorporated into the design and you avoid the challenges of trying to work with cement and stucco in winter weather. I heartily encourage you to check out the Foamcraft website http://www.foamcraft.info/ if you are considering a monument sign for your business or organization. You can see the many signs they have made and even see one of their signs that was hit by a car and only received minor damage to the above ground monument even though the impact lifted the sign partly out of the ground and destroyed the acrylic sign mounted on the face. These are tough durable signs. Contact Pinnacle Signs www.pinnaclesigns.org if you are considering a monument sign and we will help you explore the options that will bring your vision to reality.