Custom trailer graphics are a great way to get your company noticed. Here are pictures of our latest trailer wrap we did for Oleg at Seamless Choice. We removed the external hardware,fenders, and wheels so we could get the wrap underneath instead of cutting around them. That takes more time, but makes for a cleaner install. We still had to make cuts where the trailer wall seams are and around the caulk at the trim seams. Overall, it turned out real well. We were able to use 3M40C vinyl with 8508 laminate since this trailer has only straight walls and no complex curves, this kept the cost down for the 7×14 trailer. The colors printed on our HP360 latex ink printer are bold and vibrant. This trailer really stands out from the crowd and gets lots of attention going down the road or parked at a work site.

Oleg owns Seamless Choice and is highly recommended for all your gutter, siding, or window needs. Check out the picture and give him a call or visit his website

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