Pinnacle Signs installed the last 2 of 3 stone monument signs for Sylvan Meadows subdivision in Black Forest. The clients liked the first sign and decided to add two more at each of the other two entrances on Goodson RD and Spine Creek RD. All three signs are on Ayers RD, between Black Forest RD and Goodson RD. This was really a challenge to get finished. The quarry was cutting back to winter hours and we couldn’t get matching stone slabs until late February. After we got the slabs, things moved along pretty quick. Wilhelm Monument got the slabs engraved and helped Good Old Boys, Ryan Clark, with setting the slabs into place. Ryan had poured the footers earlier in the winter during a period of warm weather so we were just waiting for the slabs. Many thanks to Eric with Sylvan Meadows for sticking with us during the delays with the quarry. Once the slabs were quarried, it only took 3 weeks to get through the engraving queue and only a week to complete install with all the rock work done. Lot of moving parts to coordinate, but a beautiful finished product. These monument signs will last for many years and continue to look great. If you would like an estimate on getting monument signs for your subdivision or even a small one for your home, call Pinnacle Signs at 719-597-0601. Visit us on Facebook to see pictures of our other projects.

Stone Monument sign