Does your exercise room have a custom wall graphic? Pinnacle Signs just finished installing this beautiful black and white photo of Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak as a wall graphic for the Commons at Briargate complex. Thank you the staff for moving the weights and machine so we could get to the wall to work. We did a test of 3 different vinyls and 3M IJ35 adhered the best to this paint. If you are looking to have a wall graphic installed you really need to have this test done. A local business I know had a 20’x120′ wall covered in wall graphics and they are not staying up because the sheetrock was primed instead of being bare and the vinyl is not adhering properly. Vinyl adhesives vary in how they stick to different paints and wall coverings so it a little time spent testing can prevent a having to redo a job with different vinyl. We printed 5 3M IJ35 panels and used a matte laminate to reduce glare and it really did dress up the room after we finished installing. The laminate will also protect the ink and vinyl from any cleaning products should it be necessary to wipe down the wall. We went by the next morning to finish up the install by heating the edges of the graphics and rolling the vinyl into the texture to improve the adherence of the vinyl and do the final trim around the outlets. If you are interested in having your own custom wall graphics for your common area or home, call Pinnacle Signs at 719-597-0601 and we will help you make it happen.