Recently completed the new illuminated signs for ALINK Insurance in Old Colorado City. New polycarbonate substrate and Avery translucent vinyl with gloss laminate gave these signs a great facelift for the new agency there. Bill had us keep the 3D effect from the old sign by having the ALINK logo standoff from the substrate. With a little help from Spectrum Lighting who routed the logo for us and mounted it to the substrate the sign kept some of the look from the historical sign it replaced. Tami and her crew installed this half-moon shaped sign for us while we installed the signs closer to the ground. Illuminated signs require a translucent vinyl to allow the light to pass through at night and the laminate protects the vinyl from the sun’s UV rays. This long sign in the back we actually used two pieces of substrate to make the install easier to manage. If you are looking for someone to give you a quote for personal or business insurance needs, contact Bill and his ALINK Insurance staff at 719-473-6262. If you need new illuminated exterior signs, call us at 719-597-0601 and we’ll help you figure out a solution to meet your budget.