Mark and Dorothy at Home Care Assistance are great clients who we worked with to design their car graphics. Red calendared vinyl and ClearFocus 50/50 window perf with ClearVue Curvalam laminate made this car look really awesome. The laminate on the window perf adds cost, but really helps the window perf last longer, keeps dirt out of the perforations, and protects the ink from UV and scratches. In addition, the laminate improves visibility during rain by preventing water from filling in the perforations. We work very hard to provide the best design possible given the client’s budget. If price is a critical factor, we explain to the client what options we have given the contours of the specific vehicle they want wrapped. Less expensive calendared vinyl can’t cover complex curves so the design must keep the graphics on flat or simple curved surfaces. Care must be taken if calendared vinyl letters must cross a deep crevice to ensure the vinyl will lay in without stretching or the vinyl will fail to adhere or simply crack or break in cold weather. More expensive cast vinyl must  be used for complex curves. Often, we can come up with a cost effective design using a mix of calendared and cast vinyl that creates a pleasing design and keeps the costs within budget. That’s why our clients love their graphics and like working with us at Pinnacle Signs. So call Mark or Dorothy and check out their website for your home care needs and call us to get graphics for your vehicles or trailers.