Dave and Kim at the Old Town Guesthouse on 115 S 26th Street in Old Colorado City asked Pinnacle Signs to replace their hanging sign that got beat up in the windstorm a while back. We beefed up the hanging supports and put new cable ties on the bottom. The original sign was heavy steel, but we replaced it with 4mm Aluminum Composite that is beefier than the standard 3mm product. In addition, the larger 1″ square tube hanging supports will be stronger than the original 3/4″ supports. We also obtained the permit and made the large 41″x17′ sign for the side of the building to improve visibility from the main street about 1/2 block north.

New wall sign for Old Town Guesthouse

Installing 17′ long wall sign

This sign was 3mm Aluminum Composite with 3M IJ35 vinyl and 8508 gloss laminate. We provided a small strip to cover the seam between the two sheets of substrate and designed the sign so the seam fell in the gap between letters making it easier to align the two sheets. Thanks to Chris at Colorado Sign Mgmt for installing these signs. If you’re looking for a great place to spend your nights while visiting Colorado Springs, call Dave and Kim at (719) 632-9194 or visit their website at http://www.oldtown-guesthouse.com/ . Call us at Pinnacle Signs for help replacing or updating your building signs.