Here is a picture of a custom wall graphic we recently installed. These types of graphics can really make your home stand out. Custom wall paper or vinyl graphics truly give you a unique look that you can’t get with paint or standard wall paper. Not just any vinyl can be used for wall graphics. Wall graphics should have an adhesion test done first to ensure the vinyl used will adhere to the wall. Different paints affect the ability of the vinyl to stick so we usually test 3 different vinyls to which adheres the best to the wall being covered. Purchasing graphics online may save you some money, but if the vinyl doesn’t adhere well you could have edges curling or lifting. New paint needs at least a week or two before putting any vinyl on it to ensure it is completely cured, whether it is wall paint or vehicle paint. If vinyl is applied too soon, the paint can outgas and create bubbles in the vinyl. If you would like to customize a wall or garage door, call Pinnacle Signs and we’ll help you create the customized look you desire.