Pinnacle Signs recently wrapped two box trucks for Restore of Colorado Springs. One as clean, but the second also needed the old wrap removed. Always a challenge guessing how long it will take or how hard it will be to remove existing vinyl on a vehicle. Some vinyls have removable adhesive and some have a permanent adhesive. Regardless, after several years the vinyl is hard to get off even for removable adhesive vinyl.  Took about 4 1/2 hours to remove the old vinyl, but it was necessary to get a clean surface for the new wrap. Rivets are always a challenge and this box truck was no different, especially when using a calendared vinyl due to budget constraints. Brady and the crew did a great job overcoming all the challenges and Restore got two spiffy looking trucks to drive around making pickups and deliveries. We used 3M 40c vinyl with 8508 gloss laminate to get great looking printed graphics with UV protection. If your box truck is not advertising for you or the old graphics just need to be updated, call us at 719-597-0601 and we can get your truck looking like new again. Sorry, we can’t hide hail dents or driver errors with vinyl, takes a body shop for that. New vinyl will cover up unsightly scratches and make it look “better” though.