Exterior and Interior signs using dimensional letters are a great way to give your business signage the look, color, and style you want. Dimensional letters and logos can be formed or laser cut plastic, cast or cut metal, metal laminates on acrylic, and other styles with a multitude of colors and finishes. Our preferred vendor is Gemini Sign Products at http://geminisignproducts.com/. Gemini letters, logos and plaques have a lifetime warranty so we are confident that our clients are getting a quality product that will last for years. Given the hail storms that pass through our area this guarantee is essential for outdoor signage. Gemini will replace the hail damaged products at no cost so client just pays for the new install.

This exterior sign is cast aluminum with a brushed metal finish and paint on one part of the logo. The letters are made to have the installation studs match the brick mortar spacing. Paint colors can be any Pantone color or other manufacturer specified color that can be matched.

This lobby sign is also cast aluminum, but all the parts have been painted and cut vinyl lettering is added below it. Installation templates are critical to getting the letters in the correct place and maintaining spacing and sometimes you have to work with the wall studs when they are behind a letter. 


Here is another interior lobby sign that is laser cut blue acrylic and adhered to the wall with double faced tape and silicone adhesive.  The tape holds the sign parts in place until the silicone adhesive dries. So whether you’re looking for interior or exterior dimensional letter signage that showcases your style, call Pinnacle Signs at 719-237-7622 and we will help you get the look you envision.