Does your home or business have a wall you would like to decorate with something unique? This high-resolution picture of Venice is printed on Phototex removable film and installed in our conference room here at Pinnacle Signs. Printed wall graphics are an excellent way to decorate your home, office, conference room, or other area with your unique look. Whether the graphics are shapes, patterns, photographs, or paintings, all that is needed is either vectorized artwork or a high-resolution photograph that can be blown up large enough without losing resolution.

Custom wall graphic for apartment complex exercise room

There are literally dozens of materials available to print on, from standard adhesive vinyls to non-adhesive backed wallpaper-like coverings that have various textures to Phototex that has a  removable and replaceable adhesive similar to Post-it notes.

Custom Wall Graphics for the home




Glass walls are easily enhanced by added etched vinyl. This vinyl can be cut to any pattern imaginable adding both a touch of class and privacy to the space behind the glass. 

If you would like to enhance your living or work space with custom graphics, call us at 719-597-0601 and we can help get your vision turned into reality.