Pinnacle Signs recently competed this illuminated monument sign for Winslow Court Assisted Living Center in Colorado Springs. This is a Foamcraft¬†monument sign created to look like stone and wood beam. It has a stucco exterior finish with an illuminated cabinet sign from ABC Signs in FT Collins inserted into a recess in the monument sign. Foamcraft has many different standard designs to choose from and can also create custom designs as well. You can get faux rock or brick designs to enhance the standard stucco design. The costs are comparable to building a monument sign with real stucco and rock; however, the biggest advantage is in the install. Foamcraft signs don’t require concrete footers to support the weight of rock and concrete. PVC pipes inside the sign allow for a 2.5″ galvanized steel pipe to be inserted and then the pipes are installed in the ground making it a quick one day install unless it is tall sign that requires cranes to install sections. This is really advantageous if you are building or installing during the winter when freezing temperatures make masonry work weather dependent.

Inserts in the sign can be designed to hold sign cabinets or dimensional letters can be installed either directly into the sign or you can install a separate sign face with letters. These signs are tough and long-lasting with minimal maintenance, only requiring cleaning periodically to remove any dirt. No mortar or cement to crack and all signs come with stucco touch-up to repair any minor shipping or installation damage. Special shout out to Voltaire Engineering for the electrical install that required over 100′ of conduit, going under the driveway, and performing the final hookup for the sign. They did a great job for us as always. Check out the Foamcraft¬†website to see if you would like your monument sign to be a quick one day install (plus any electrical work). Call us at 719-597-0601 and we can help design, permit, and install your sign!